Practitioner Mentoring Program with Dr Andrew Orr

Mentoring Sessions, Mentoring Programs & Case Study work

Do you need help with getting better results with patients?

Do you need to know how to set up and run a successful clinic? Do you want to know more about Fertility & Gynaecology?

Would you like and opportunity to see some surgical procedures?

Would you like to see what happens in an IVF clinic?

Do you just need help with some difficult patients?

Do you just want to be mentored and learn more from and Expert in the Reproductive Medicine & Women’s Health Field?

Do you just need help with all of your patients you see?

Would you like to know how to run a successful clinic and get great results?

Do you want to learn proper differential diagnosis, pattern discrimination and be taught to find the causes and identify diseases without the need for pathology, or testing?

Many of practitioners leave college without the basic skills actually needed to survive in practice. Practitioners aren’t taught what it actually takes to survive in practice and why only less than 5% of practitioners are actually in full–‐time practice. Many people are not treating to their fullest potential leaving both practitioner and patient alike, frustrated and not knowing what to do.

After the first 5 years of graduating only 3 – 5% of you will actually be in the profession still. Then when it comes to fertility & gynaecology work, it is hardly taught at colleges at all, and what is taught is very basic at that. This is terrible given the time and money spent on the education to get your degree.

Many new practitioners also become frustrated with the lack of sharing by those in the profession and acquiring new skills, new knowledge and learning how to survive in practice is not always easy also. Many of the people out there providing mentoring, are actually not equipped to be giving you the help you need either. Many are not in practice, have never run a successful practice and are now doing mentoring as a way of providing an income. Sad thing is, the people they are teaching, aren’t getting what they really need.

This is why Dr Andrew Orr is now providing Mentoring and Case Study work for both qualified practitioners and students alike. The mentoring is open to anyone and can cover any health issues seen in practice. Dr Andrew Orr is also about to set a mentoring group focusing on Fertility, Gynaecology and Reproductive Medicine, along with business skills added. Many practitioners and students have already done work with me and I have also helped many practitioners get much needed help for their own personal health issues. For many, I have done this in my own time and just out of good will to help a fellow colleague. I also give lots of my time freely to help my colleagues and anyone needing help. This is who I am.

Dr Andrew Orr has a Masters in Reproductive Medicine and a Masters in Women’s Health Medicine (medical) through the faculty of medicine at UNSW. He is also a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a Naturopath, Nutritionist and more. His motto is “Leaving No Stone Unturned” and he is very passionate about teaching practitioners proper diagnostics, differential diagnosis and finding the cause of health issues.

Dr Andrew Orr has worked in the profession for 20 years and has both a successful clinic and his own Herbal Medicine & Nutritional Medicine Company – “ConceptShen”. He has worked in two hospitals in China and has also worked with some of the best mentors and healthcare practitioners in many different professions. He is also one of Australia’s leading integrative medicine practitioners.

Dr Andrew Orr is also still in practice, so he knows what you all face on a day – to – day basis. He is in touch with what it is like to be a practitioner surviving in the tough world of business these days.

Dr Andrew Orr has also helped over 12,000 babies into the world with his Fertility Program, which incorporates the  ConceptShen Range of Fertility and Gynaecological formulas, alongside medical interventions.

He also helped countless gynaecological issues and men’s health issues over my time, along with many other health conditions. There isn’t many conditions that he hasn’t seen in practice.

Dr Andrew Orr’s successes has been on many forms of media, including Channel 9’s “A Current Affair”, Channel 9 Brisbane Extra, The Courier Mail and many leading magazines, which had over 40 couples per week seeing him for fertility help, from all over Australia and around the world. He has had people from all over the world and around the country sees him for gynaecological issues, chronic illness and anything to do with health. He also spends time lecturing, giving seminars and mentoring to healthcare professionals and the general public on much needed topic such as Endometriosis, Fertility, PCOS, Men’s Health, Pregnancy and more.

If you would like to know how you could achieve this sort of success, how to run a successful practice, how to diagnose properly and more efficiently, have business strategies, get real results, have access to IVF clinics, doctors, specialists, and everything you need to be a successful practitioner in this profession. Then maybe it is time to book in for my mentoring program and be part of my mentoring group (soon to start). There will also be options to just book in some extra time to go over some case studies and difficult cases. There will also be events such as a 3 day “How To Run a Successful Practice” workshop available to people on the program too.

Let Dr Andrew Orr help you reach your full potential and get taught the things that only a few select people get to know. For more details, please give Sarah Denman a call on 0452 515 697, or 07 32795697. You can also email her at

Practitioner Costs for Mentoring

Mentoring program

  • The cost for the mentoring program is $550 per month. This is at a minimum sign up period of 3 months. This sort of mentoring program in other professions would be worth at least $2000 – $3000 per month. If you need extra mentoring and help with case studies, one on one mentoring, there are hourly rates and day rates available.
  • We do offer payment plans so that you can payment can be deducted weekly, fortnightly, or a one off payment.
  • • The mentoring program includes:
    • 45 minute Skype call per week to go over anything you want to discuss and work on
    • Being part of an exclusive private mentoring group on Facebook, with daily updates, case studies and more, that will go towards CPE points
    • Discount on the ConceptShen Range
    • Discounts on practice management software and ongoing support
    • Discounts on upcoming seminars, webinars and previous seminars/webinars and content and any books, or educational training provided by Dr Andrew Orr
    • Information not taught in colleges, or many of the current seminars in this profession
    • Access to private mentoring with Dr Andrew Orr
    • Education in differential diagnosis and pattern discrimination
    • Masters level education and CPE point accredited per contact hour
    • Exclusive access and discounted rate to the 3 day workshop “How to Run a Successful Practice”, which will include everything you need to run a successful practice, templates for everything to run a practice, access to practice management programs, manuals, patient resources, practitioner resources, reception manuals and so much more. * (1) (Conditions apply)
    • Access to see surgery, see IVF procedures, see a proper functioning IVF clinic &Lab & also shadow Dr Andrew Orr in his integrative medicine clinic as well, seeing all forms of multimodality treatments such as Acupuncture, Naturopathy, Nutrition, Biomesotherapy, Herbal Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Supplements & much more. * (2) (Conditions Apply)

Day rates

Start price for this is at a discounted rate of $550 per day and normal day rates for the mentoring and access you get would be at least $2000, or more.

The day rate includes:

  • Access to see surgery with one of Australia’s Leading Surgeons and IVF specialists
  • Seeing IVF procedures (Egg pickups, IVF transfers, ICSI etc)
  • See a proper functioning IVF clinic and Lab
  • Shadow Dr Andrew Orr in his integrative medicine clinic, seeing all forms of multimodality treatment Acupuncture, Naturopathy, Nutrition, Biomesotherapy, Herbal Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Supplements and much more.
  • One on One access to mentoring and case studies with Dr Andrew Orr
  • Seeing a functioning integrative medicine clinic and how it operates
  • Product knowledge and going through the ConceptShen Range of Medicines
  • Plus added extras such
  • CPE Points accredited

Hourly Rates

This is charged out at $120, for 55 minutes. This is a rate for those already on the mentoring program and who need additional times with Dr Andrew Orr to go over case studies, difficult patients, extra mentoring and anything else you would like to discuss.

For those not on the program the charge out rate is $200 for 55 minutes.


(1) Three-Day Workshop – (Ask for more details. This is an extra cost on top of the mentoring program)

(2) Day Rate – (This will be offered in the day rate pricing and is not part of the price of the mentoring. It is an extra price on top of the program if extra time is needed outside the allocated 45 minutes of Skype/Phone call provided in the program)

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