About Us

Dr. Andrew Orr

Dr. Andrew Orr

Director & Founder
Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine,
Fertility and Women's Health Specialist
Masters of Reproductive Medicine, Masters of Women's Health Medicine,
Masters of Community Health, Ba.Sc. Ac.China,
Dip. Rem Ther, ND, DipNut

ConceptShen is owned and directed by Dr Andrew Orr (The Miracle Baby Maker). Dr Orr has formulated all of the ConceptShen range based on what he has known to work in clinic practice and through years of study of Chinese herbal Medicines, Nutritional medicine and medical science.

Dr Andrew Orr has his own clinics in Brisbane and runs a very successful Fertility Program that has helped 12,500 babies plus and has had much media exposure about his program. Dr Orr also works in conjunction with an IVF clinic in Brisbane and these formulas have been formulated to work along side IVF treatments, medications and hormones. His formulas are used daily in clinic by Dr Orr and are an integral part of his overall success rate that boasts a 96.1% increase in success rates for couples (from official research undertaken).

Dr Andrew Orr is available for private mentoring sessions to practitioners who are seeking guidance and support with their clinical knowledge and supporting case management.

In his spare time Andrew can be found doing more research as well as mentoring practitioners online in his world of reproductive health. He also loves to cook nutritious delights for his family (as he is a qualified chef), keeping fit and playing music.

Dr Andrew Orr also presents seminars and practitioner education regularly and is one of the countries most sought after speakers about Reproductive Medicine and Women’s Health Medicine. Dr Orr also has a special interest in Endometriosis, Adenomyosis and PCOS.

Dr Andrew Orr has a Masters in Reproductive Medicine (medical), a Masters in Women’s Health Medicine (medical), is a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, is a Naturopath, is a Nutritionist and is also a qualified Chef and more.


Rosa Bunn

Rosa Bunn

Herbalist & Nutritionist
Yoga Instructor
Pilates Instructor
Mindfulness & Meditation teacher

Rosa has spent over 20 years honing her skills, education and practice as a wellness practitioner with her multimodality approach, using herbal medicine, advanced clinical nutrition, yoga, pilates, exercise therapy and rehabilitation, mindfulness, meditation and compounding medicine

Rosa is an integrative wellness practitioner that uses her entire toolkit of skills to help her patients and clients regain their natural state of wellness, inside and out

Rosa has been an integral part of the ConceptShen team and knows all about the Conceptshen range and how to help you use them to their potential

Rosa has also been an integral part of all of the ConceptShen education and seminars and will be helping with further education as a key presenter as well.

Rosa has a special interest in helping women and practitioners with endometriosis and also helping with brain injuries and mood disorders through nutrition, herbal medicines and organic foods